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Monday, July 02, 2007

Privacy & Identity White Paper

The Privacy and Identity Management for Europe (PRIME) consortium has published a new White Paper that is recommended reading for everyone working on ID management.

I especially like their design principles on page 15. They could effectively be called the "Laws of Privacy-Enhancing Design":
  • Design must start from maximum privacy
  • Explicit privacy governs system usage
  • Privacy rules must be enforced, not just stated
  • Privacy enforcement must be trustworthy
  • Users need easy and intuitive abstractions of privacy
  • Privacy needs an integrated approach
  • Privacy must be integrated with applications


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Broken white paper link, Ralf. Looks like you went relative when you should have been absolute.

Now I'm going to spend all day babelfishing your German CSS comments to see if you included any inside jokes....

2/7/07 23:04

Blogger Ralf Bendrath said...

Thanks Jeff, the link is corrected.

The CSS comments are from my friend Jens who helped me figure out how to redesign the layout. Really nothing special in there (well, maybe I should...)

3/7/07 19:55

Blogger Karen said...

Thanks for this Ralf!

26/7/07 14:41


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