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Thursday, February 21, 2008

IdentityCamp Bremen, 7-8 June 2008

We* are organizing IdentityCampBremen, the first German BarCamp that specifically focuses on issues like Identity 2.0, Single-Sign-On, reputation management, relationship management, Privacy 2.0 and related stuff. It will take place in the nice town of Bremen in Northern Germany on the weekend of 7th and 8th June 2008.

We just decided about this last night, so we are now looking for participants and thematic ideas, for a location, for sponsors and for volunteers. It is a bit unusual to go public with an event that not even has a venue and a programme yet, but hey, this is the whole idea of BarCamps.

So: Please spread the word and participate. The wiki page is where everything is collected. At the moment it is planned as a German-only event. If a significant number of non-German speaking people are intererested, we may think about a solution for that.

(*) Who is "we"? The idea emerged out of an interdisciplinary network of people interested in Identity 2.0 with a privacy perspective. We had three substantive workshops over the last few months and were looking for something more public to do next. Fortunately, the Bremen Agency for Innovation has offered support now, and we decided to prepare a BarCamp right away.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome to see this, we organized an OpenIDDevCamp a few months ago which was really interesting.

I notice that the wiki is in German, what are your thoughts about making it an international event? I'd imagine there would be a handful of people who don't speak German that could be interested in participating.

22/2/08 23:58


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