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Saturday, September 09, 2006

My English blog - and my own one

I've been blogging for a while on the award-winning German collaborative blog, which has been fun and rewarding. Unfortunately, a lot of the discussions I am interested in take place in English, and most of the folks there don't read German. So, in order to have a more international voice, I will now post my thougts and musings here, too. Main themes will still be privacy, internet policy, and other things related to my research and activism on global governance in the information society. In a way it is the second English blog I am having, the first one being, where I was editor-in-chief for three years. But that one was not running on a blogging platform and did not even have a feed.
Anyway, happy to be here now. Feel free to comment. Also, drop me a line if I miss important things.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, how often does one get the chance to be the first English-language comment on a new blog?

Welcome to the club, Ralf. I look forward to having you burn up a great deal of my time.

10/9/06 04:37

Blogger rikomatic said...

Congrats, Ralf. looking forward to reading your ideas and observations.

10/9/06 07:26


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