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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Surveillance and Society CfP: Smart Borders and Mobilities

Surveillance studies have become a distinct field of research lately. It is one of these interdisciplinary research areas that is not defined by a special theoretical or methodological approach, but by a common field of study. David Lyon and others have helped a lot to define surveillance as "social sorting" and come up with interesting historical, sociological, political, and technical approaches, and while Michel Foucault is considered one of the ancestors, there is still a lot to learn, especially in the context of new technologies and globalization dynamics.

The peer-reviewed online journal "Surveillance and Society" is now looking for contributions for an issue on "Smart Borders and Mobilities: Spaces, Zones, Enclosures". Submissions should be sent to Emily Smith at by 1 March 2007. The publication date is september 2007 (yes, even with open access online publishing, peer review processes take this long).


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