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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Speaking at the CCC Congress in Berlin

I will be at the upcoming Chaos Communication Congress, the largest hacker convention in Europe. I am happy that they accepted both presentations I had submitted. They are both on the first day (Dec 27th):
I'll try to make the slides available right afterwards, and the videos will be on the congress server later. They also plan to live stream everything, but demand is high.

We also have a meeting of the German Working Group against Data Retention, 28th Dec, 15:00, hall 4.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi ralf

"Privacy, Identity, and Anonymity in Web 2.0" sounds like an interesting presentation. Did you post the slides yet?

I've been thinking about privacy and web 2.0 ever since I read an article by Paul Marks in the New Scientist entitled 'Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites'.

In relation to human rights, it's the dual aspect of social networking that interests me most i.e. not just its use for advertising-led surveillance, but also its potential as an enabler of activism.

So, as well as the concrete privacy implications, i'm concerned about the chilling potential for self-censorship; as people become aware that their relationships and opinions are tracked they will become "afraid to engage in any behavior that others might find controversial" (as it says in the interesting Newsweek article Why Privacy Won't Matter).

I did a presentation at last year's netsquared conference on web2.0 & human rights (also podcast here) which was actually aimed at activists and geeks, to enourage a creative use of web 2.0 for social change while building in the kind of privacy protection that is notably absent from the corporate ventures.

20/2/07 18:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

thanks for the thoughts and links - I'll certainly check them.
The slides are not online, as we mainly used words and pictures (call it a beginner's attempt in Lessig's presentation style). My main arguments are here.
The video of the whole talk will be made available online at the congress site, but don't ask me when. Maybe ask them?


20/2/07 18:36


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