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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Presentation on "Privacy and Social Software" online

I was in Vienna two weeks ago at a workshop on social software, organized by ProLearn, an EU-funded "network of excellence" on e-learning. The workshop was interesting and had a nice international crowd. I got some new ideas for thinking theoretically and analytically about privacy (especially in terms of visibility and invisibility, and under which conditions this is a reward or a punishment), which is really the best you can expect at meetings like this.

The organizers have uploaded the slides and podcasts of the presentations now. Mine on "Privacy and Social Software" is here (ppt, mp4).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey,this is interesting topics on privacy and social software is nice when software is develop in such a manner that privacy maintained because which read by third party and also social software online is a very good related

16/3/07 07:31

Blogger pangloss said...

I didn't know you were blogging and we've been doing it as long and on the same site!! We clearly need a privacy blog clearing house - a job for EDRI no doubt :-)

27/3/07 15:04


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