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Saturday, March 10, 2007

"Privacy and Identity" Presentations at 23C3 and CFP

The video of the presentation on "Privacy, Identity, and Anonymity in Web 2.0" I gave with Udo Neitzel and Jan Schallaböck at the recent Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin in finally online. There are several mirrors for downloading the video - just search for "identity" in the filename on any of them. The audio and video are not exactly synchronized (I'll ask them to fix this), but you get the idea.

I am also happy to announce that our proposal for a similar session at the upcoming "Computers, Freedom and Privacy" conference in Montreal in May has been accepted. We are currently trying to get a few more speakers on it, Caspar Bowden from Microsoft is already on board. And it looks like I'll also be on a related plenary panel there, together with people from Microsoft, Liberty, Privacy International, and Credentica. I hope to see many of my North American readers and colleagues there!


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