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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Internet of Things and Security - The Challenges

I had the pleasure of speaking at an event organised by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) on the Internet of Things. While the EDPS is focused on data protection, I tried to widen the perspective and also address the more pressing issues around IoT security. My final words addressed some of the issues around the economic aspects of the IoT, including data ownership. I used a lot of recent examples from the real world, including car hacking, pacemaker snitching, and hotel door ramsomware.

The video of the whole event is now available, I speak at 55:55.

Edited to add: The other speakers before me were: Giovanni Butarelli (EDPS, @Butarelli_G), Wojtek Wiewiorowski (assistant EDPS, @W_Wiewiorowski), Joe McNamee (EDRi, @why0hy), Riccardo Masucci (Intel, @riccardomasucci, Irene Kamara (Universities of Brussels & Tilburg, @kamara_irene), in that order.

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Anonymous Manoj Roy said...

Thank you for this valuable information about the IOT and it's security. With the progressing world in the IT field a lot of now tools and security challenges are emerging. One of them is the RDP and its security

17/6/21 11:08


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